Wilder Side of Love and Sex Workshops

Discover a whole new world of possibilities. Find out if sacred sex, open relationships, polyamory, kink and other love styles might be right for you. Broaden your horizons and feed your curiosity.

Deborah Sundahl Presents for Beyond the Bedroom

Deborah Sundahl

The Feminine Fountain™: Female Ejaculation and the G-spot

Learn about female ejaculation’s ancient history, current scientific studies, where the G-spot is located, how to have a G-spot orgasm, and how to get this wonderful feminine fountain™ flowing! Open to both men and women, Deborah Sundahl’s Power Point lecture with pictures, movie clip and Q&A will tell you all you need to know about female ejaculation and the G-spot.

The G-spot is the female prostate. All women have one, as do all men. Therefore, all women have the ability to ejaculate! Attend this class, and learn how to Let Go and Let it Flow!

Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz Present at Beyond The Bedroom

Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz

Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Loving for Couples Presented by Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz

Do you feel that there may be more to love than you are experiencing? Are you ready to deepen your relationship together; to enjoy more pleasure and create more connection? Begin or continue your journey deeper into your relationship as a loving couple. Learn ways to merge more deeply with your beloved and how Tantric loving can greatly add to your relationship. Discover new paths of loving each other in conscious, healing and playful ways!

Relationship Presenter and Polyamory Teacher

Robyn Trask

Understanding the Roots and History of Human Sexuality

This workshop draws strongly from the works of Merlin Stone, Riane Eisler and the NY Times Bestselling book Sex at Dawn.  We will look at the flaws inherent in the study of ancient cultures and sexuality as well as the mistakes in the common narrative of sexuality derived from mid nineteenth century scientists and anthropologist. Sex, power, culture, how are these things linked?  Patriarchal culture, religion and morality have greatly influenced the common narrative of sexuality but is this accurate? We will explore how this narrative may have created a disconnect to our sexual nature and contributed to the so called “battle of the sexes”  as well as ways to see our species in a different light.

Rhoda Lipscomb Presents at Beyond the Bedroom

Rhoda Lipscomb

Swinging for Beginners

In this workshop we will discuss the history of swinging to its current form in the internet age. We will talk about how to negotiate boundaries with a partner, pitfalls to look out for, as well as ways to get started and the best local places/ways for people to dip their toes in the water. This workshop will be filled with practical advice, humor and will get people to think about expanding their boundaries.

Love Slave at the Sanctuary

Christine LoveSlave

BDSM 101

BDSM generally refers to “bondage, discipline and sadomasochism.” However, it is not all about whips and chains. Ultimately, BDSM is about trust and offering give and take in a relationship. Couples looking to add a little extra excitement to their bedroom activities might find that adding a some BDSM play is just right. In “Love Slave Explains it All” she will offer a brief BDSM 101 as well as make suggestions and demonstrate ideas on how to safely add some extra heat to any relationship.

Mim Chapman Presents at Beyond the Bedroom

Mim Chapman

Loving More than One (Making Polyamory Work)

What is your relationship dream, and what options are out there to choose from? We’re familiar with monogamy, but what additional models of loving and living are offered by polyamory, and what do they look like in action? How is polyamory different from polygamy, swinging, or “cheating”? What new forms of etiquette are needed in order to nurture polys’ varied forms of family? Is it really possible to have a relationship in which love does not equal possessiveness?

Quiraa Bell Presents at Beyond the Bedroom

Dr. Quiraa Bell

The Art of Oral Sex

Oral Sex is not just for Porn Stars and Swingers! When you can enjoy satisfying your lover orally then teach them how to satisfy you, Orgasms become limitless (well almost)! Dr. QuiraA will dispel common oral sex myths and introduce professional fellatio and cunnilingus techniques that enhance your oral sex skills so you can bring your partner to orgasm after orgasm, O!

Kinkstress Jenna Presents at Beyond the Bedroom

Mistress Jenna

Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz Present at Beyond The Bedroom

Dawn Beck and Gerard Gatz

Blending Your Palette: Enlivening Your Sex Life with Kink and Tantra For Singles, Couples, and Poly

Incorporate both Kink and Tantra to create a container to safely, passionately, and adventurously explore. We’ll take you beyond sexual identities, roles, and into deepening erotic experience. In this presentation, we will dispel the mystery and inspire the confidence so that you can become your own erotic artist. We will encourage you to tap into your sexual psyche to learn where your turn-on’s and edges are and how to manifest your deepest desires.
Give yourself permission and tools to fully play and expand your sexual palette.

Learn Ways to:

  • Blend practices from the art of Tantra and Kink
  • Expand beyond traditional labels and play with roles
  • Safely listen and communicate sexual needs, desires and fantasies
  • Heal and embrace your sexual self to bring more freedom and choice
  • Incorporate adult toys into your love/play time

Beyond the Bedroom provides a safe and comfortable place where you'll learn to create exhilarating connections and deeper intimacy with greater consciousness and integrity.